Making a bandsaw tyre from rubber bands

This is an Earth Man (Takagi) RBS-10 bandsaw. I bought this from Keiyo D2 in Tsukuba about ten years ago for about 10,000 yen. I haven't used it very much. It has wheels of diameter about 20 cm. It's powered by an induction motor which drives the bottom wheel directly. The bottom tyre on this bandsaw disintegrated during a period when I wasn't using it:


I tried to order a new tyre from Monotaro, but the tyres for this RBS-10 bandsaw are no longer made. The RBS-10 bandsaw is also no longer on sale at Monotaro.

These tyres have the crown in the rubber rather than on the metal wheel, which is flat:


I'm going to try to create a new tyre using these giant rubber bands.


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