Motor problems with a Ryobi GS-2000

The motor of this Ryobi GS2000 "garden shredder" has failed. I believe it may be the capacitor. I'm considering buying a new one: motor capacitor (start) motor run capacitor.

This is the plate of the motor:

GS2000 motor plate better picture

There doesn't seem to be a centrifugal switch in the motor, although there are two kinds of winding, one thinner than the other, in the motor. So I think this big capacitor on the motor is a run capacitor.

Ningbo seems to be a place in China, and the name of the manufacturer is Jenn Feng.

This is the motor from above:

GS2000 motor from above

This is the motor from the side:

GS2000 motor from the side

Here is the capacitor which seems to have failed:

GS2000 motor capacitor

Ningbo Hailida is the name of the manufacturer.

I can't get a good reading on the multimeter for this capacitor, I get either nothing or fluctuating values.

This photograph shows the size of the capacitor:

GS2000 motor capacitor with scale

Update on 29 November 2016 I've ordered this capacitor: motor run capacitor.

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