Error list for Moby project's mhyph.txt

This is an ongoing list of errors in the file mhyph.txt of the Moby project. The entries have been converted from the original Mac Roman format to UTF-8 for this page.

Line number Entry Comment
6322 approx Not hyphenated correctly.
7872 Asti·spumante The syllablization here is clearly wrong.
41594 dispersed·el·ement Missing a space?
90814 maidenhair·tree
98700 mul·ti·lomultilocular This seems to be an error for multilocular. The correct hyphenation is "mul·ti·loc·u·lar".
117111 perennimeal·y-mouthed
122940 po·lyph·a·goupoints This doesn't seem to be a word, Google suggests "Did you mean: polyphagous points".
132720 read·a·blendwriting
140758 sand·blindness The syllablization of "blindness" is insufficient.
160529 tem·per·a·me·per·a·men·tal·ly Typo for temperamentally?

Click here to download this table in machine-readable format. This file is in the format of the Perl module Table::Readable.

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