Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

0:02Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to violence.
0:37The unmistakable smell of female
4:10How long you going to let that Cookie broad showboat like that?
5:30All right. You wash. Now I'm-a-gonna spin-a dry you.
10:10A soft drink? Honey, we don't-a-like nothing soft. Everything we touch is hard.
12:23You're the All-American boy. A safety-first Clyde.
12:29I never try anything. I just do it. Like I don't beat clocks. Just people. Wanna try me?
12:45His car is OK. Just the colour needs changing. Like maybe yellow.
17:03You've got a weird sense of humour.
Try again, I get funnier.
17:09The point is of no return, and you've reached it.
20:07That's what I believe in. Seeing America first.
You won't find it down there Columbus.
29:08What's with the strongarm bit, or couldn't you tell I was a girl?
33:33You girls a bunch of nudists, or are you just short of clothes?
56:57Because you're a beautiful animal ... and I'm weak ... and I want you.
65:40Wait a minute, hero. I don't care if you wanna walk yourself into a sweat in the desert, but what about the frail? Come on, use your noodle. I'll drive you both back. You must be beat, honey.
66:09You're a very sick girl.
I was healthy enough a half hour ago. Or do people look different to you when they're not horizontal?
82:04Well she's not goin' anywhere.
If you want wild living fast
And if you want to end up givin' your all,
Let's recall / That's because (?)
Pussycat is living reckless
Pussycat is riding high
If you think that you can tame her
Well just you try!
It's sad she doesn't see
What's wrong from right.
She's running fast and free
Child of the night
In her life there'll be no time for love
You'll never take her; Make up your mind.
You will find
Pussycat, she's living reckless;
Pussycat, she's riding high.
If you think that you can tame her
Well just you try
Yeah just you try
Come on and come on and try
Yeah come on and try.
Yes come on and try.


The credits for the film are as follows.

The Players [In Order of Appearance]
Varla Tura Satana
Rosie Haji
Billie Lori Williams
Tommy Ray Barlow
Linda Susan Bernard
Gas Station Attendant Mickey Foxx
The Vegetable Dennis Busch
The Old Man Stuart Lancaster
Kirk Paul Trinka
"Faster Pussycat"
Sang by
The Bostweeds
Lyrics by
Rick Jarrard
Music by
Paul Sawtell
Bert Shefter
Directed by
Russ Meyer
Jack Moran
From an Original Story
Russ Meyer
Director of Photography
Walter Schenk
Sound Recordist
Charles Schelling
Production Assistants
Gil Haimson
Richard S. Brummer
Optical Effects
Orville Hallberg
Film Editor
Russ Meyer
Sound Editor
Richard Serly Brummer
Production Manager
Fred Owens
Assistant Director
George Costello
Music Director
Igo Kantor
Music Themes
Paul Sawtell
Bert Shefter
Sports Car Racing Consultants
Harvey Lippert
Vicki Isaacs
Nancy White
Vicki Juday
Oliver F. Pesch
Lee Green
Associate Producers
Fred Owens
George Costello
Second Unit Director
William E. Tomko
Produced by
Russ and Eve


The initial voiceover beginning "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to violence" is voiced by John Furlong.

The cars

Varla [Tura Satana] 1965 Porsche 356 C
Rosie [Haji] 1958 Triumph TR 3A
Billie 1959 MG A Mk 1
Tommy 1963 MG B
The Vegetable/The Old Man/KirkWillys Jeep Pickup Truck

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