Use of "daidai" compared to "orange" for the colour in Japanese

This page discusses the use of the word daidai (橙 or だいだい) versus the word orenji-iro (オレンジ色) to refer to the colour orange in the Japanese language. The word daidai in Japanese refers to Citrus aurantium, otherwise known as Seville oranges, and the colour comes from the colour of the fruit.

Some people have asserted that the use of "daidai" to refer to the colour orange is uncommon in Japanese. I don't think that is true. Here I am gathering examples to support that.

"Magic Ink" pens use 橙 for the colour orange.

All of the colouring pencils I have seen use either 橙 or だいだい for the colour orange. Pale orange is also called うすだいだい. For example these Tombow colouring pencils use both the forms as can be seen in the closeup photos.

This circuit diagram uses 橙 for orange coloured wires:

Circuit diagram of Fujitsu AS281PDN air conditioner
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