Some examples of Japanese braille or "tenji"

This page gives some examples of Japanese-style braille (raised dots used as a form of text for the blind) as found on products in Japan. This page uses Unicode braille characters.

This logo from the top of a can of alcopops says おさけ, ⠊⠱⠫, which just means "alcohol".


The braille is a simple conversion of the three kana characters into braille, お to ⠊, さ to ⠱, and け to ⠫.

These characters from a bottle of lemon juice spell out the brand name of the juice, ぽっか れもん ("Pokka Lemon"):


The remon part is a simple one-to-one transcription from れもん to ⠛⠾⠴. The "pokka" part shows the feature that the handakuten ⠠ in tenji comes before the ほ kana tenji, ⠮, which it modifies.

Here is an advanced puzzle, the braille on a washing machine:


You can check your answers using Convert romaji to kana.

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