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List of books

Elliptic Functions: An Elementary Text-Book for Students of Mathematics (1890) - Baker, Arthur Latham

19th century tract on elliptic functions, converted to Latex.

Higher Algebra (1936) - Barnard, Samuel; Child, James Mark

Number theory etc.

Advanced Algebra (1939) - Barnard, Samuel; Child, James Mark

The mathematical analysis of logic : being an essay towards a calculus of deductive reasoning [1] (1847) - Boole, George

Theory of groups of finite order [1] (1897) - Burnside, William

The Theory of Numbers (1914) - Carmichael, Robert Daniel

Diophantine Analysis (1915) - Carmichael, Robert Daniel

Monograph on number theory.

A treatise on the circle and the sphere (1916) - Coolidge, Julian Lowell

The Elements Of Non Euclidean Geometry (1909) - Coolidge, Julian Lowell

Elementary Illustrations of the Differential and Integral Calculus (1899) - De Morgan, Augustus

The author died in 1871, so this is a reprint. The author is the De Morgan of De Morgan's laws for intersections and unions of sets.

History of the theory of numbers - Dickson, Leonard Eugene

First Course in the Theory of Equations (1922) - Dickson, Leonard Eugene

Solutions of cubic, quartic polynomials, etc.

An elementary treatise on the differential calculus, with applications and numerous examples (1896) - Edwards, Joseph

Differentiation with emphasis on Cambridge Tripos problems

A treatise on the integral calculus : with applications, examples and problems - volume II (1922) - Edwards, Joseph

A treatise on the integral calculus : with applications, examples and problems - volume I (1922) - Edwards, Joseph

A thousand pages of integration.

An introduction to the algebra of quantics (1913) - Elliott, Edwin Bailey

"Quantic" is an older name for "homogeneous polynomial" or "form", as in "quadratic form", a polynomial in more than one variable, such as $x^2+y^2$, where the exponents are all equal.

Derivatives and Differentials (1904) - Goursat, Edouard

Higher algebra [1] (1889) - Hall, Henry Sinclair; Knight, Samuel Ratcliffe

Various topics in algebra which are possibly no longer mainstream parts of the university curriculum. A solutions manual is available by the same authors.

Solutions of the examples in Higher algebra [1] - Hall, Henry Sinclair; Knight, Samuel Ratcliffe

Solutions to Higher Algebra by the same authors.

The Integration of Functions of a Single Variable - Hardy, Godfrey Harold

Tract on integration, including theorems of integrability in terms of elementary functions, elliptic integrals, etc.

A course of pure mathematics - Hardy, Godfrey Harold

Intermediate algebra for colleges (1948) - Hart, William

A Primer of Quaternions (1896) - Hathaway, Arthur S.

Mathematical Wrinkles (1913) - Jones, Samuel Isaac

Recreational mathematics

Cours d'analyse de l'école polytechnique (1882) - Jordan, Camille

Indian mathematics (1915) - Kaye, George Rusby

Historical treatise on ancient Indian mathematical knowledge.

A Treatise on Probability (1921) - Keynes, John Maynard

Combinatory analysis - MacMahon, Percy Alexander

Mathematical questions and solutions (1901) - Marks, Constance

Recreational mathematics from a 19th century magazine. Includes entries by G. H. Hardy.

High school geometry (1920) - McDougall, Alexander Hiram

A Text Book On Spherical Trigonometry (1913) - Moritz, Robert E.

Exercises in algebra (1924) - Nunn, T. Percy

Practice for university entrance exams.

Ordinary differential equations, with an introduction to Lie's theory of the group of one parameter [1] (1897) - Page, James Morris

Principia Mathematica Volume III (1913) - Russell, Bertrand; Whitehead, Alfred North

Theory of the integral (1937) - Saks

Lebesgue integration and measure theory.

Riders in Euclid (1910) - Smith, J. Hamblin

Supplementary exercises for Euclid's geometry books.

A treatise on the differential calculus, with numerous examples - Todhunter, Isaac

An Elementary Treatise On Laplace's Functions, Lame's Functions, And Bessel's Functions (1875) - Todhunter, Isaac

The scan at archive.org is extremely poor quality.

Spherical Trigonometry (1886) - Todhunter, Isaac

Functions Of A Complex Variable (1915) - Townsend, Edgar Jerome

Papers set in the mathematical tripos : in the University of Cambridge, 1913-1917 (1919) - University of Cambridge

Projective geometry volume 1 (1910) - Veblen, Oswald; Young, John Wesley

Projective geometry volume II (1918) - Veblen, Oswald; Young, John Wesley

Dynamics of particles and rigid bodies - Webster, Arthur Gordon

Plane Geometry (1899) - Wentworth, George Albert

The axioms of projective geometry (1906) - Whitehead, Alfred North

A course of modern analysis (1915) - Whittaker, E. T.

Choice and chance - Whitworth

A course in mathematics, for students in engineering and applied science, volume II (1909) - Woods, Frederick; Bailey, Frederick

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This is a list of out-of-copyright mathematics books which can be found on sites like the Internet Archive (archive.org) or Project Gutenberg (gutenberg.org). The year of each publication is the year of the edition rather than the printing. The books are ordered by the author's surname. Where more than one different copy of the book could be located, the multiple links are numbered [1], [2], etc.

I have mostly omitted the following types of resources:

I've also skipped over some old mathematical physics and engineering books.

The books are not yet categorised. You may download the original file which contains some more information here. This is formatted in my Table::Readable format.

Some of the books have been inputted by various different institutions, so there may be other copies, scanned in a different manner, at the sites.

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