Wikipedia article titles in different languages

This program gets the Japanese language names for the chemical elements from Wikipedia using the CPAN module WWW::Wikipedia::LangTitles as well as Chemistry::Elements.

use warnings;
use strict;
use utf8;
use FindBin '$Bin';
use WWW::Wikipedia::LangTitles 'get_wiki_titles';
use Chemistry::Elements;
binmode STDOUT, ":utf8";
my %n = %Chemistry::Elements::names;
for my $k (sort {$a <=> $b} keys %n) {
    my $e = $n{$k}[1];
    print "$e ";
    my $map = get_wiki_titles ($e);
    print $map->{ja}, "\n";
    # Limit the rate of requests to prevent server overload.
    sleep (2);


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