HTML blocks in Perl aren't well supported

The Perl documentation format POD has a facility to add blocks of HTML:

=begin html

<img src='bacon.jpg' width=100>

=end html

I tried using this facility with a CPAN module called HTML::Make but ran into problems with all three of the facilities, I use to view these documents,,, and also the module Pod::POM::Web which I use to view the documents locally.

Pod::POM::Web doesn't bother to display anything at all. The site completely failed on the simple HTML, with an error unexpectedly closed the connection.

Metacpan wouldn't even display th tags. See the discussion under my bug report th tags and style attributes stripped from HTML.

It seems that =begin html is not well supported by anyone. For version 0.09 of HTML::Make, I decided to not use =begin html.

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