Behind Her Eyes

This review contains spoilers, giving away major plot points.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ (zero)

Summary: Absurd, pointless, and completely ruined by trick ending

"Behind her eyes" is a supernatural thriller concerning a psychiatrist, his secretary, and his wife. The complicated tale of the psychiatrist becoming involved with his secretary while his wife behaves in various odd ways. The story consists of six episodes and is available on Netflix. The wife is played by Eve Hewson, who's the daughter of U2 singer Bono.

The main character is the secretary, a woman who has one friend and a child and an ex-husband. She is a bit too nice it seems. We find out more and more things about her life, her son, and she makes friends with the wife of the psychiatrist and they start going to the gym together.

Although the wife seems to be normal enough when talking to the secretary, she is also viewed taking various kinds of medicine to treat some sort of mental condition.

The secretary starts an affair with the psychiatrist. There are lots of rather gratuitous scenes of the psychiatrist having sex with the secretary and the wife.

Then, suddenly, at the end of the episodes, we find out that the wife was actually some kind of mind-transplanted version of a heroin addict. The wife then "steals" the body of the secretary and kills off her old body, Adele, with the secretary in it.

This might be a good plot idea I suppose. But what was the point of all of that "buildup"? We still have no idea why the wife was taking the medicine. The whole story about the secretary's relationship with her friend and her son seems to have been a total waste of time since the secretary ended up getting "zapped" at the end by the "clever" heroin addict. It just seems like the programme makers were filling in time of six episodes with lots of unrelated rubbish and gratuitous sex scenes only to finally pull this rabbit out of the hat at the end, leaving me wondering why they had bothered with most of the plot points up to that point.

It's beautifully made and well acted which makes it all the more strange that all that money and talent was completely wasted telling us a rubbishing, ridiculous story, with pointless, useless scenes leading nowhere.

Regarding the reviews on IMDB, I strongly suspect that the positive reviews of this show were written by shills (paid reviewers) rather than genuine watchers, based on the way that the reviews "read", and I doubt that the rating of 7.2 is at all based on genuine viewer reactions.

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