Right-on television series with a boring, silly climax

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (2/5 stars)

It's a "right-on" television series where all the baddies are white men and all the "goodies" are women, or muslims, or muslim women, or asian lesbian illegal immigrants who live with a lesbian vicar.

The plot concerns a people-smuggling ring run by an ex-military officer who bumps off a pizza man so as not to reveal his people-smuggling operation. He uses a friend's daft military daughter to assassinate the pizza guy by tricking her into thinking he's a terrorist.

The lead character is a strong, savvy, pregnant policewoman who's also brimming with empathy about the plight of refugees.

It's moderately watchable I suppose, until we get to the truly ridiculous climax where our hero, the preggers police person, solves all the crimes using her woman's intuition, all the while reminding the male characters that she's not as daft as they thought she was and showing them that she knows a thing or two, whoo-hee, another blow struck against the patriarchy.

Mediocre, somewhat entertaining cops and robbers silliness.

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