An old Japanese tool bag

This is an old Japanese workman's bag. It's made from canvas, leather and metal. I bought this bag for 300 yen from a "recycle shop" (junk shop) which is located inside the Asse shopping centre in Tsukuba.


The text on the bag says that it is from a wood supplier.

大島屋材木店 - Ooshimaya Zaimokuten

This lumber yard was located in Shinjuku in Tokyo. I can't even find the name using internet search.

The next photo shows the bag laying flat.


The bag is held at the top with metal hole protectors and a leather strengthener. This was the rope attached when I bought it.


The bag tends to fold up at the top as seen in the following picture.


The knot of the rope is on the back side of the bag.


The bottom of the bag is stiffened with a piece of leather inside the canvas, and there are four metal feet attached which protect the canvas at the bottom of the bag.


This photograph shows the inside of the bag. It was taken using the flash.

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