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Detect points of high curvature
Example implementation of the Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm in C
Example of calling printf from assembly on FreeBSD
Hello world example in x86 assembly language for FreeBSD
Changing the saddle on a bicycle
Repairing Japanese bicycle tyre valves (Dunlop, English, or Woods valves)
My Douglas Adams book-signing story
Project Gutenberg recommended books
Book reviews
List of allocating C functions
Allowed variable names in C
Calculate Armstrong numbers in C
An example of array initialization in C
Length of array in C
Sort an array of strings in C
An example of atexit in C
Binary search in C using bsearch
Pointers in C with examples
The Boyer-Moore string matching algorithm in C
A C program which gets information about itself
Regular expressions to match C grammar
C string array initialization
Techniques for avoiding problems in C programming
Converting Cairo output to PNG
Display CGI environment variables
Comparison of CGI libraries in C
Show the types of all the ASCII characters
Example of command-line arguments in C
Print today's date in C
Convert decimal to binary in C
C program to delete files which match a pattern
Distinguish binary and text files in C
Detect Shift-JIS bytes in a stream of bytes
A simple "die" function for C - example of variable number of arguments
Get the current working directory in Unix in C
Printf, doubles and decimal places
Example of a doubly-linked list in C
Levenshtein edit distance with a maximum
Get the full file name of the current executable on Unix
Fetch a web page using C
Generate a Fibonacci series in C
Detecting FILE * buffering
Detecting whether a file is seekable
Find a substring of a string in C
C implementation of the Fisher-Yates shuffle
C programming language forum
An example of Cairo and FreeType in C
C function pointer to function with varying number of arguments
Get the file number associated with a FILE pointer
Get the size of a file in C
Example of getopt in C
Read a compressed file with gzFile, gzopen, and gzread in C
C example program for hello world
HTTP status codes as C defines
An example of iconv
Example of C if statement
Compare strings ignoring case in C
An example of an inline qsort
Example of insertion sort in C
Convert an IP address to an integer in C
Join an array of strings to a single string
Algorithm to convert katakana to hiragana in UTF-8
Find the largest of n numbers in C
Calculate the Levenshtein edit distance in C
Print system limits from limits.h
C macros __LINE__, __FILE__ and __func__
List the files in a Unix directory with C
Parse and create HTTP format timestamps in C
An example of using malloc
Mathematical constants in C provided by math.h
An example of mmap for a read-only file
Negative numbers and the modulo operator in C
Open a file in C
Example program in C to detect palindromes
Web log timestamp to Unix epoch with strptime
An example of using pipe and fork in C
Set the modification time of a PNG
Create a PNG with text segments
An example of pointer arithmetic
Similarities and differences between pointers and arrays in C
Get a list of prime numbers in C
Print hexadecimal versions of numbers in C
Left-justify printf output
Print part of a string with printf
Example of quicksort in C
Example of random number generation in C
Example of reading a PNG file
Read a whole file into memory in C
Recursively list directories in C
Make a reentrant parser with Flex and Bison
Program to reverse a string without using the string library
Set and get environment variables in C
Simple C macros for the Test Anything Protocol
Example of a singly-linked list in C
Split a C string on whitespace
SQLite C example: bind data
SQLite C example: insert data
SQLite C example: select data
C string libraries
The C string library
Convert a string to a double in C
Convert a string to an integer in C
Strip leading and trailing space in C
Stupid mistakes in C programming
Example of C switch
Test the size of integers in the preprocessor
Useful tools for C programmers
Example of typeof to make a "swap" macro.
An example of ualarm and setjmp
A C Unicode and UTF-8 library
An example of using regular expressions in C
Programming UNIX Sockets in C - Frequently Asked Questions
An example of using va_copy
Web sites about C
Write a PNG file using C and libpng
Xlib window which tells its own position and size
Responding to resize events with Xlib
A simple text window using Xlib
Responding to window deletion messages from the window manager
Open and read a gzip compressed file with zlib in C
An example of compressing with zlib in C
Perl Cairo tutorial
How to clear a <canvas>
A simple scribbler using <canvas>
Compressing CGI output with Perl
Compressing CGI output with Perl and Gzip::Faster
Using Unicode in a Perl CGI script
The Common Gateway Interface
Convert Chinese to PinYin
A rubber for cleaning toilets
Requesting compressed content from a web server with LWP::UserAgent
Make a Cygwin shortcut to ssh with XWindows
Running an X server on Windows from Cygwin with a Japanese keyboard
MySQL versus SQLite
Baking soda water dissolves kitchen grease
A broken air conditioner
Changing the rubber valve in an Inax toilet
Changing the float mechanism in an Inax toilet
Dog house and enclosure made from pipes and a table
Heated dog kennel
Replacing the nose pads on my glasses
Motor problems with a Ryobi GS-2000
Japanese pipe and connector sizes
Changing shoji paper
Low pressure in sink's cold water supply
Emergency repairs to a sunroom roof
Changing the syphon and tank packing in a toilet
Line voltage and phase voltage in three phase electricity
Draw a coloured graph of three phases
Three-phase motor questions
Add Emacs to the Windows file menu
Bind the key combination control-shift-enter in Emacs lisp
Some ways to customize cperl mode
Emacs commands which have recently changed
Set Go tab width to four rather than eight
Removing the leading asterisk from JavaScript comments in Emacs
Convert a program to markdown in Emacs lisp
Setting the default font in Emacs
"Boilerplate" for new Perl files in Emacs
Perl and Emacs regular expressions compared
Make Emacs the default program for text files on Windows
A list of English words for numbers
Error list for Moby project's mhyph.txt
Errors in the Moby mpron list
English language resources on the world-wide web
Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
My IMDB reviews
What causes pip in poultry?
Common tasks with Flex
There has never been a more finely-tuned breakfast cereal
Tropicana Fruit Sweets: Orange with Rare Cheese Flavor
Extract some of the files from a dump using restore
Find the source code of a library function in FreeBSD
Using gnome-terminal on FreeBSD
How to install and start MySQL server 5.6 on FreeBSD 10.0
Get information on network interfaces in FreeBSD
Example of ptrace for FreeBSD
Get a list of packages with no dependences in FreeBSD
Conspiracy theory generator
Fake silly comment generator
Othello board in JavaScript
Amend a commit message with git
Delete a remote repository
Set up a global .gitignore for Github for Windows
List files which are and are not under version control
Remove deleted files from Git's index
Remove files from Git's index without deleting the actual file
Remove files in .gitignore from version control
How to split a git repository
Some tasks using Git version control
Array of different types
C and Go equivalents
Cgi and file server
Standardise Go function comments
Convert type
Dealing with zero-length non-empty form values in Go
Make an error from a string in Go
Generate gaussian
Get the first rune of a string in Go
Get mime type
Gzip handler in Go
Example of converting hexadecimal to integer in Go
Example of converting hiragana to katakana in Go
Initialise and evaluate a map from strings to strings in Go
Example of initializing an array of strings in Go
Line directives in Go
map of list of strings
Put a JSON object into map[string]string directly in Go
Net interfaces
Override the mime type of the Go HTTP file server
Perl and Go equivalents
Pop from slice
Raw strings
Read directory
Read a tab-separated file into a map
Read a file into an array of lines in Go
Redirect os.Stderr in Go
Regexp replace pattern
Convert a rune to a string in Go
Removing elements from the middle of a slice
Sort an array of strings by length
A file server with sorted directory listing in Go
Stopping a web server using a web request
An example of a struct in Go
Substitute a URL in text using a regular expression
Template glob funcs
Testing for an undefined string in Go
Example of converting utf8 to a rune (integer)
Example of looping over runes in a string in Go
Get a varargs-like vprintf or vfprintf in Go
Example of a Go program which reads URL parameters and prints them out
Simplest example of web server printing "Hello world" in Go
Black melon bread, Afro Tanaka and Debito Arudou
Shelton on Natto
Shelton on Teaching English
Shelton on Recycling in Japan
Illustrations directory
Convert X bitmaps (.xbm) to PNG - example of Pozkanzer tools
Make HTML image tags from a list of graphics files
The <image> HTML tag
An example where the Kullback-Leibler divergence breaks the triangle inequality
Entropy of discrete probabilities in Perl
Information theory bookmarks
Where to buy large-sized shoes in Japan
Was the Bristol Beaufighter referred to by Japanese soldiers as the "whispering death"?
Use of "daidai" compared to "orange" for the colour in Japanese
Find dates in Japanese text
English pronunciations of Japanese words
A list of kanji with negative meanings
Some examples of Japanese braille or "tenji"
Check textarea with JavaScript before closing a window
Dynamically created tables in Internet Explorer
Dump DOM with JavaScript
Flood-It game in JavaScript
Secrets of the JavaScript ninjas
Showing the modified time of an HTML page using JavaScript
How to install the Perl module "JavaScript" on Unix
Display the time in the user's time zone
Romanize Lao
Records of inappropriate access to websites
My list of referrer-spammers
Find out what functions are in a shared library
Add the location of a shared library when compiling
Exit the Lynx browser without the "Are you sure" message
What is the largest lathe in the world?
Is the matrix 1101 diagonalisable?
Sum of a to the n formulas
Approximate length of a cubic bezier curve
Mathematical expressions in Japanese high school entrance exams
Calculating the (7, 4) Hamming code
Errata for Linear Algebra by Serge Lang, 3rd edition
Approximations for log (n choose r)
Out of copyright mathematics books
Testing Stirling's approximation
Rewriting a CGI url to a PNG
How to serve compressed HTML, JavaScript and CSS
How to rewrite all pages on a website to one page
How to create and delete databases and tables in MySQL
How to manage a MySQL database
How to manipulate MySQL tables
How I moved my MySQL database on FreeBSD
MySQL saving database to a file and reinserting
Google Chrome mysteriously speeds up after Windows Task Manager is selected
What is the number of electric motors in the world?
How to block all internet traffic from China
Yamaha RTX1000 router
Setting up the Yamaha RTX1200
Search for unusual errors in an Apache log file
Convert binary64 (IEEE 754 double) to Perl
Demonstrating the log inequalities with Octave
Normal probability distribution in Octave
Listing available typefaces with Pango
Some biographies of Enrico Fermi
My experiences in Israel
"I was a soldier of the Emperor" - the story of James B. Harris
My recollections of Keith Floyd
Memories by Phyllis Bullock
My middle name "Kasmin"
William Shatner - the man who knows
reCAPTCHA example in Perl
Script to check a "Changes" file
Make a list of colours with HTML::Make
Installing Compress::Zstd on FreeBSD
How to convert colours from RGB to hue values
Copy chmod permissions from one file to another
CPAN modules for dealing with the Japanese language
Making generic links to search.cpan.org
CPAN projects
Useful tools for CPAN
Create a CSS sprite from smaller images using Perl and Image::Magick
Daft Perl
Generating the illustration for Damerau-Levenshtein explained
How to include data in a Perl distribution
Delete .xvpics directories safely
Perl code to detect googlebot from CGI
Visit all cells in an Excel worksheet
Turn a number into an Excel column name
Example of Text::Fuzzy for fuzzy searches on kana
Extract the exported variables from a Perl module
A simple guide to ExtUtils::MakeMaker
FastCGI Perl modules
Perl modules to find the MIME type of a file
Print sizes of all images in a directory
Get the last day of a month
Get QR code data from a png scalar
Handy Perl modules
What's the difference between a hash and hash reference in Perl?
Hash reference and hash copy in Perl
Perl modules to remove HTML tags
A basic example of parsing HTML in Perl
Installing ImageMagick on FreeBSD with a non-system Perl
IPC::Run3 for testing binaries
Print a list of numbers in Japanese kanji, hiragana and romaji
Size comparison of compressed JSON and original PNG image
Convert JSON to HTML with JSON::Parse and HTML::Make
Converting songs to romaji - example of Lingua::JA::Moji and Convert::Moji
Stopping indexing with ExtUtils::MakeMaker
Match a dictionary against a string
Perl modules for checking memory
Debugging message routine with line directives
Put metacpan links and abstracts in your github repositories
The files in a Perl module
Print the versions of installed Perl modules
Move a bunch of videos into directories based on their names
Wikipedia article titles in different languages
A Perl module which switches off some warnings
Modules for finding Perl dependencies
Equivalents in JavaScript and Perl
A mod_speling using Perl and CGI
Unicode numbers are not numeric in Perl
Equivalents in Perl and Octave
Equivalents in Perl and Python
Make a retrospective Changes for a CPAN distribution
Perl tutorial for beginners
Tutorial on Perl and Unicode
Get the Unicode value of a character in Perl
Perl XS
Perl XS modules and CPAN testers
Using a C structure as a Perl object with XS
Using Unicode with Perl XS
HTML blocks in Perl aren't well supported
Make a random IP address in Perl
Get the line number of a regex match
Remove unnecessary #include headers from C files
How to decode broken doubly-encoded UTF-8 in Perl
Remove trailing if statements from Perl code
Bugs in rt.cpan.org
Run a Perl interpreter from Microsoft Word
Having a method with the same name as a builtin
Send an HTTP OPTIONS request
How to set the bug tracker in your CPAN Perl module
How to skip tests with Test::More
Split pod documentation from a Perl module
Using Perl's Unicode encoding with the template toolkit
A simple spell checker in Perl
Tie Perl variables for debugging
How to install Perl on a Unix system
Get the day of the week from a year, month and day
Listing Windows processes with Win32::Process::List
Switching Win32::OLE to UTF-8
The meaning of the -x file test on Windows
An example of dying with a hash value in Perl XS
Download a YouTube video using Perl
Examples of right-to-left writing in Japan
Equations of motion
Ohm's law calculator
Extract Dilbert image from MacKay file
Regex for charset from an HTML page's meta tag
Behind Her Eyes
Common tasks in SQLite
A star pattern in SVG
Orange slice puzzle in SVG
A script to quieten LuaLaTeX
Damerau-Levenshtein Edit Distance Explained
An extension of the String-to-String Correction Problem
An old Japanese tool bag
Baker's percent calculator
Basal metabolic rate (BMR) calculator
Convert numbers to Chinese
Convert a CIDR format to an IP address range
Day-of-week calculator
Calculate the number of days between two dates
Geolocate an IP address
Convert an IP address range to CIDR format
Handwritten kana input
Turn numbers into English
Shape snatcher
Turn numbers into Spanish
Strip diacritics from text
Unicode picker
Convert hexadecimal Unicode representations, with repairs
Your browser's and window's dimensions
Mario Kart Wii English & Japanese names / マリオカートWiiの英語と日本語名前比較
The mysterious case of the missing Base64 library
What characters are illegal in a Unix filename?
Search for files looking for a particular pattern
Find files which are newer than a certain date
Add line numbers to a text file in Unix
What is /usr/share/man/man1aout?
A simple PNG viewer for XWindows
A simple CGI sendmail script
A dictionary of troff commands
Websites with collections of free images
Perl's utf8 and file names on Windows
No more moves! in Microsoft Patience game
Windows and Unix command line equivalents
Emacs's control-K in Microsoft Word
Get paragraphs from a Word document using Perl
List of X window colours
Handling errors in Perl XS modules
Get a hash value using XS
Perl XS tutorial - digest version
An example of using regular expressions in Perl XS
Meaning of "Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry"
XS Introduction
Memory management in Perl XS
A variable-length list of arguments in Perl XS

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