My IMDB reviews

This page contains reviews which I submitted to IMDB. I closed my IMDB account because it seemed to me that not only are they deliberately censoring reviews, but that they are allowing shills to run rampant. I got suspicious of the IMDB enterprise when they deleted a review of "Clarkson's Farm", after extremely suspicious downvoting. After another review, of a very poor film called "The Harder They Fall" was suddenly deleted, I decided to close my IMDB account. My review of "The Harder they Fall" was I think the first or second most popular one until the shills downvoted it.

Some of these reviews are for complete crap like old episodes of Keith Floyd cookery programmes, so I understand they are not very interesting to read, but I quite resent being censored like this by IMDB.

I made this page by extracting the email from IMDB from a download. The email from IMDB doesn't contain the ratings so I have lost the ratings for these, unfortunately. Also some of these I edited the review several times, so the same title appears more than once, and sometimes my program failed to get the title right.

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